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for the Greater Montreal

Expert Dog Behaviour Training

Clear, kind, and effective training for your dog.

  • Get a personalized training plan and guidance that meets the needs of your dog and your reality.

  • Help your dog learn using positive and tested training methods.

  • Focus on your dog's well-being and build a strong bond between you and your companion.

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Dog training 

in the Greater Montreal


Sam and Cäli

Laura is a superb dog trainer. She listens to both dogs and people. Her approach is gentle and always positive. My dog Cäli has a lot of emotions that she sometimes finds difficult to manage. Laura was able to understand her character, communicate to me how to react in these situations and set a framework in which my dog feels safe and respected. I recommend her 200%!

Nessa and Julius

Laura's services were priceless - she trained me on how to respond, how to react, how to prevent, and also what's natural and fair for a dog's behavior. Since Julius is half Pitt Bull, it's imperative he has exemplary behaviour and today, because of Canine Kindness and Laura, he is known in our community as The Best Dog Ever. We are forever grateful and cannot recommend enough.

Liza and Pesto

I have a shelter dog with an unknown but probably difficult past, and Laura was excellent with both of us from start to finish. This is my first dog, and even though I was well informed, I really needed help. Thanks to her, Pesto and I were able to tame each other gently and lovingly. She taught me a lot about dog psychology, and her explanations and exercises were always clear and to the point. I would definitely call on her again in the future, and I highly recommend her services.

Tamara and Athena

Having a reactive dog with anxiety, Laura gave me the confidence and knowledge on how to practice with my dog on her leash walking. Laura takes the time to listen to my concerns and answers all of my questions, she is a kind, patient and gentle trainer with a lot of knowledge and experience! Having learnt that there is no"quick fix"for behavioural issues, I am happy to know that I can rely on Laura for any additional support when needed!



Day Training
March to August 2023


Puppy Package
Puppy 101
4 sessions

Little dog

In-home Training

Excessive barking
3 90-minute sessions


In-home Training 

Reactivity, life skills
4 90-minute sessions

australian doodle

Day Training
Leash walking
Smart Start Package

small yorkshire

In-home Training
May to July 2023

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