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The virtual consultation

Looking for a convenient and affordable way to support your favourite canine? Read on to learn more about our online consultations!

Virtual meetings are just as effective as in-person sessions but with the added benefits of being more accessible and flexible for your busy schedule or this month's budget.

During the virtual consultation, we'll guide you through exercises and provide demonstrations using our own dogs or helpful videos.

This option is especially great for dogs that are nervous around new people or for those outside of our service area.

Following the initial session, you will receive a training plan including the recommended amount of training sessions.

Payment by

 instalments   available


60 minutes

90 minutes

À la carte

96$ + taxes

124$ + taxes

2 sessions

184$ + taxes

248$ + taxes

4 sessions

352$ + taxes

464$ + taxes

6 sessions

504$ + taxes

672$ + taxes

8 sessions

640$ + taxes

840$ + taxes

10 sessions

760$ + taxes

960$ + taxes

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